• The French South African Tech Labs is recruiting its first class of entrepreneurs

    The new incubator and accelerator has been officially launched on the 21st of February. The first round for entries for the first season closes on 15 April 2017. adMingle support FSAT in creating opportunities for our young entrepreneurs.

    On the 21st of February, the French South African Tech Labs (FSAT Labs), the new incubator and accelerator dedicated to South African and French entrepreneurs, has been officially launched in Century City, Cape Town. This programme was born thanks to the partnership between Methys, an international company operating in digital transformation and Seda (Small Enterprise Development Agency), a South African government agency fostering small business development. Both organizations have invested a combined amount of ZAR10 million in this new programme for entrepreneurs.

    The FSAT Labs offers a new incubation and acceleration structure for Western Cape based entrepreneurs who want to develop their activity in the Digital sector with a clear focus on black entrepreneurship. It offers an incubation program which is totally free for selected start-ups. During 6 months, the FSAT Labs will provide a broad range of services and support the start-ups with a dedicated team of experts who will focus on incubation identification, management and coaching of seed idea and initial opportunity development. This first phase is following by an acceleration phase for the more sustainable businesses for up to 24 months, as well as providing much-needed help in the fundraising process.

    The incubator is currently recruiting its first class of entrepreneurs. The key focus areas that will be addressed by the FSAT Labs, reflecting the specialization areas of the founding members of the French Tech Cape Town ecosystem, will be on 5 sectors of excellence:
    • SMART city: Utility Management, Risk Management, Mobility issues, creating the Smart City to improve people’s lives in emerging countries
    • SMART home: smart home utilities, clean tech
    • SMART commerce: mobile based commerce user experience and engagement model, fintech
    • SMART education: digital technologies applied to learning
    • SMART media: video game design, media, 3D animation, 3D printers, connected objects.

    The first round for entries closes on 15 April 2017. The selected entrepreneurs for the FSAT Labs will be incubated from 1 May 2017. You can find all the information on the French South African Tech Labs’ website.

    For any further information, you can e-mail FSAT.

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                         How to use adMingle?

    A step by step guide

    1. Sign in

    Click on the sign in green button on the top right of the adMingle Homepage https://www.admingle.co.za/

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    # 1. Personalize the message to target and engage your audience.

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