Christmas Roundup 2013

2014Hi adMinglers,

It’s been a fantastic year for everyone involved and we’re looking forward to 2014, when we will be sending you bigger and better campaigns than ever before.

We’ve now launched in Israel, Indonesia, Italy, Turkey, and are launching in France and Germany very soon. With your amazing dedication and support, sending out invites and taking on the first UK campaigns, you are at the forefront of a new digital revolution, a revolution where people get paid to talk to each other about the stuff they love.

Gone are the days where your content is simply a way of advertisers to work out who you are, and how best to get you to buy stuff. Today, and in the future, the words and pictures you share online will be part of your income.

We’re re-launching the site in January, and I can tell you it looks very snazzy indeed – everything you expect from a modern social-media site, with the one exception that adMingle actually pays you to use it. There’s also going to be a whole new range of apps across all app stores, so you can manage your campaigns using some beautiful looking mobile interfaces.

We’ve also worked really hard to make sure you now get paid as quickly as possible, and we will always try to pay you within 24 hours at the very most. Usually we can pay you in less than 2 hours! Of course, with adMingle Click, you could send a campaign on Friday afternoon and pay for your Friday night with it! And if you’re super-influential, you could probably pay for your holidays with a Tweet or FB post, or by posting anywhere else on your blog, in an email, a text message, and to your other social networks.

Seriously, is that not the coolest thing ever?

We want to live in a world where it pays to talk to each other, because without all of the talking and sharing there wouldn’t be such a thing as social-media, right? We’ve come a long way, there’s a long way to go, and we’re really excited to work with you in 2014 and beyond as we enter this groundbreaking era.

And of course remember to withdraw credit from your account! As long as you’ve got more that £10 in there, you can transfer it straight away.

We’re really excited to pay you, so you can tell your friends you actually got paid to share. So go ahead, spread the word, the more people you tell the more campaigns we can send!

And last but not least, from everyone at adMingle UK and around the world, have an excellent Christmas and a truly awesome New Year!

Krishan – Director @ adMingle UK


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