How To Create Great User Generated Campaigns

When it comes to social media your audience is your currency. They’re the people who matter. If you’re not winning them over, then what are you doing? So, it makes sense in an environment where engagement is number one, that you use your audience to create the engagement for you.

User generated campaigns have become more and more popular, and people are getting pretty clever with them too. Here are some examples of some really great user generated campaigns to give you some ideas to start your own.

Use your audience’s creativity

When Belkin and Lego joined forces to create phone cases that you could customize with lego they were on to an absolute winner! When they then decided to run a user generated content campaign to push the product they became social media gods! The idea was a simple one, create a platform where people could show their creativity with their lego phone case creations. The audience did the selling for Belkin. It’s very likely that they gave a few cases away in return for some social media influencers to get the ball rolling, but once they did this campaign took off.

You might not have a product as cool as a phone case that you can build lego on to, but never underestimate how creative your audience can be, and how much they like social recognition of their talent.


Give your audience control

Starbucks ran a hugely successful user generated campaign in 2014 where they asked their audience to doodle on their cups and submit them via social media into a competition where the winning cup would become a template for a limited addition cup. This is devilishly simple and clever. Not only are Starbucks getting tons of great publicity through an asset they are already using, they are also demonstrating loyalty to their customers. Wins all round to Starbucks.

OK, so you might not have a product like a white cup that you can ask people to manipulate, but if you want to do something similar think about how you can give the control back to your audience and show them your loyalty. Make them responsible for an action that you’ll carry out on the back of the user generated campaign.


Make your audience the star

Charlotte Rouse ran a great user generated campaign on Instagram where they asked users to upload their favourite Charlotte look using the hashtag #CharlotteLook. This type of campaign isn’t new on Instagram, and you’ll often find fashion brands asking their users to do this sort of thing, because it’s a winner. The brand gets to showcase their style through an audience of influences where people are more likely to be responsive to them. Charlotte Rouse went a step further by selecting the most on brand look and displaying it on their home page, ultimate win for the social media fan.

If you want to do something similar to this just think about how you can put your audience at the centre of the user generated campaign. Instagram is great for this type of contest, but don’t forget trusty Pinterest too.


Use your customers’ stories

GoPro have been killing the user generated scene pretty much since they launched, and it’s such a no brainer tactic for them. They’ve got millions of fans shooting videos and taking pictures on their product every day that they might as well use it. If you go to Gopros website you’ll see it’s filled with user generated content, in fact most of their site and social campaigns focus on the content sent through to them. On their website they have a submission area where you can submit anything for your chance to win money, rewards and to have your content featured. They’re sharing the passion of their users and letting potential customers join in with the ideals of the brand. Good work team.

You probably don’t have the same proposition as GoPro, unless you’ve made a competing product, but what you can do is make the story of your fans the focus of your user generated campaign. This is all about building on aspirations and putting yourself in the middle of it.

What do you think of these user generated campaigns? Do you think any of these tactics could work for you? Let us know in the comments below or come and find us on Facebook or Twitter.


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