Our Favourite Blogs in October

Things are starting to look a little bit spooky with Halloween just around the corner, will you be celebrating it this year? What outfit are you going to wear? There are loads of horrible treats happening in Singapore over the weekend, and our brave blogging warriors are keeping you up to date with what’s going on! Here are our favourite bloggers in October, if you think we’ve missed someone off come and tell us on Facebook or Twitter



What type of blog is it? Lifestyle and Geek

Why do we like it? Because if you want some geeky news this is the place for you! Also, there’s an incredible amount of information about theme parks on here, for all you theme park buffs!

What do they do well? Loads and loads of content, he’s regularly popping up new reviews and information about things to do. Consistency of your posts is important if you’re a blogger to build and keep your audience. Check out his latest post on Halloween treats at Universal Studies this weekend.

The Wacky Duo 


What type of blog is it? It’s family and lifestyle

Why do we like it? Great reviews and handy guides like “what to do with kids during the haze”

What do they do well? This blog is very well written and informative but they are also very good at telling you when something is sponsored- something that all bloggers should be doing.

Take a look at their latest blog post for Halloween activities with your kids this weekend.

Darren Bloggie


What type of blog is it? It’s a lifestyle, this dude chats a bit of everything

Why do we like it? Because of the variety, there’s something for everyone on here.

What do they do well? He’s very good at using images. If you’re more of a visual person, then this is the blog for you. And don’t underestimate the power of images in your own blog, good images can make your posts look more professional.

Read his latest blog post the Spooktacular Halloween Night at Pan Pacific.

Sassy Mama 


What type of blog is it? It’s a blog for all you sassy mamas! But there’s also a lot of lifestyle and good content for everyone.

Why do we like it? Because there’s loads of great content contributed by their team of Mamas

What do they do well? This is a really well put together site. It looks great, is easy to read and navigate and they utilise their contributors well. If you’re struggling to keep up with your blog you could think about creating a blogging team?

Read their guide to kid friendly Halloween events in Singapore this weekend.

That’s it for October, there are so many great blogs in Singapore and we’d love to get your recommendations so please do comment below or come and find us on Facebook or Twitter.


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