Our Favourite Bloggers in September

Have you been stuck inside because of the haze? We have but it’s ok, we’re not complaining too much (we haven’t stopped complaining) because we’ve just spent that inside time surfing the web for lots of great blogs to keep us amused. We’ve found some absolute treats for you this month, if you think we’ve missed some that really should be featured comment below or come and find us on Facebook or Twitter.

Gingerbread Mum


What type of blog is it? It’s, not surprisingly, a parenting blog

Why do we like it? If you’ve got kids it’s great to have a resource to help you find things to do with them, or just to feel like you’re not the only one out there going through the ups and downs of parenting.

What do they do well? The blog is full of useful and fun advice, but they are also very good at writing reviews and stressing when they have been paid for so you feel you’re getting a fair deal.

Check out their latest blog with fun tips and activities for when you’re travelling with your kids.

Seth Lui 


What type of blog is it? It’s a food blog, yum

Why do we like it? It’s a food blog! Seriously though, this is a good food blog. You may already be aware of it as it’s a big player in Singapore but we’ve been drooling over it this month so though it was worth a shout out.

What do they do well? The frequency and volume of reviews is amazing, you could go back every day and find a new place to try. They manage this with guest writers, maybe submit your own work? What also puts them above some food bloggers is the knowledge they have of the food industry, also there’s plenty of food porn (which is really why we’re there).

Check out their guide to cheap Thai in Singapore 

Viva Woman


What type of blog is it? It’s a beauty blog but focussed on natural skin care and holistic living

Why do we like it? This isn’t your average beauty blog pushing the same cosmetics. If you want something more natural, then this is for you.

What do they do well? This is a good place to go if you’re looking for more organic, natural beauty tips. The reviews are well written and fair and they also write great tips on things like diet and healthy living.

Read their post about the benefits of asparagus, it’s tasty and good for you.

What do you think of these blogs? Have we missed any great blogs off this list this month? Let us know! Comment below and come and find us on Facebook or Twitter.

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