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Well, we don’t know about you but we’ve had quite enough of the haze! This year the problem has not only been a source of conversation in our part of the world, it’s also made worldwide headlines, disrupted travel and has generally just been a huge nuisance. Singapore has been in talks with Indonesia to help the crisis, some of which is caused by Singaporean companies illegally clearing crops by burning them, so let’s hope we see some improvement!

For now we’ve been spending a lot of time inside, which has meant we’ve had loads of time to take a look at the wonderful world of social media to make sure you’re up to date with what’s been happening, and here are the headlines for you…

Facebook Plan to Launch a Dislike Button

Facebook made an announcement this month that they are working on a dislike button. They have for a long time avoided adding an alternative to their like but announced that “not every moment is a good moment” and they want to allow people to show empathy to certain posts.

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On the surface this seems like a lovely idea but with cyber bullying, freedom of speech and general differences of opinions this could cause all manner of problems! Lots of other sites, such as Reddit, have a voting style system but this is a new format for Facebook, so let’s see how people respond to it. What do you think of Facebook’s dislike button? Comment below and let us know your opinion.

Facebook Introduces Signal for Facebook and Instagram 

Signal for Facebook and Instagram is a tool that allows journalists to source, gather and embedded newsworthy content from Facebook and Instagram. Essentially it’s a trending tool that pulls everything into one place for you. If you’re a blogger, writer or community manager you’ll be really excited by this, unfortunately it’s only available to US newsrooms at the moment. Boo to Facebook, but yay to this being more widespread in the future.


Meerkat Launches Live Hashtags 

Meerkat announced that you will now will be able to add hashtags to your stream as well as search for streams via hashtags. This is what Meerkat say “This new approach to stream discovery is the quickest way to meet people around shared interests as they happen. As you know, the Meerkat community is diverse, and streamers go live to talk about a broad range of topics. Now you can find them with just one tap.”

We think this is a good move by Meerkat, what do you think? Is it enough to set them apart from other streaming sites? Comment below.


Pope Francis goes to America, Twitter and Snapchat step up their game

You don’t have to be in America to feel the buzz around Pope Francis visiting. What we have been really impressed with was the way Twitter and Snapchat stepped up their game to engage with this excited audience. Snapchat created some filters that people can add to their updates, and twitter have created some emojis that will display when you use certain hashtags, like the #SG50 campaign.


What we can all learn from this is taking a look at what our audience is likely to be engaging with and putting yourself at the heart of it. It’s some guess work and it won’t’ always pay off but you should come to know more about what your audience likes.

Have you read any good social media news this month that we’ve missed? Comment below or come and find us on Facebook or Twitter.



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