Facebook Messaging for Business

Instant messaging has become more and more popular with many of us now using this as our first point of communication, who really sends text messages anymore? And we’re not just using instant messaging to contact our friends and family, we’re also using it to contact businesses.

Social media has for a long time been a great tool for businesses to create better relationships with their customers, answer queries quickly and manage any bad press by reacting quickly to situations and now Facebook is making it even easier. Considering that many small businesses don’t have websites, just a Facebook page, this new messaging system could be great in securing new opportunities for them.

So what are the changes…

Private Messages to a Page from Local Awareness Ads

If you want to promote your business to a certain area you may run a local awareness ad and you can now add a “send message” call to action. This allows the user to directly engage with your ad and makes the whole process more personal. Once the users messages you you’ll be able to communicate with them and you’ll also see which ad they clicked the call to action from.

Say you’re a beauty salon and you’re running a special offer in the local area, you run an ad with the offer and then people are able to message you to book an appointment. Brilliant.


Reply to Comment Privately without a Message

Some Facebook users are not as savvy as others, and some people don’t always understand that posting to Facebook is very much in the public domain. They might not be worried about their privacy, but as a business, you should be. Up until now page admins have only been able to respond to people posting to their wall in the way they have been contacted, in the coming weeks you’ll be able to send a private message from a post comment or comment to you page wall. This will help you resolve customer service issues/opportunities quickly and more efficiently, whilst maintaining your customer’s privacy. Currently you have to ask them to send you a private message and that step will be removed now. Still be aware that it’s good social media customer service practice to try and resolve the query publicly if you are able. So private message them to resolve and then publicly just post to let everyone else know the situation has been handled, you don’t have to go in to too much detail. We wrote an article on social media customer services, which you can read here.


Page Response Rates

You may find, as a page owner, that you don’t love this update. Basically what it does is allows people to see how responsive a page is. So, if you reply to all messages and comments in a timely manner, your rate will be high. If you don’t people may decide they don’t want to reach out to you. So, make sure you respond! If you struggle the best thing to do is to have Facebook Page manager on your phone so you are notified of activity on your page, you can then respond faster.

New Tools for Management

Facebook have anticipated that some of these changes are going to make things a little hard for some Page admins so have set up some tools they think will help. One is that you can create template messages for common questions, so rather than having to write out the same response over and over you can reply with a couple of taps. They have also said that the inbox is now much easier to keep track off.

So, what do you think of these new changes? One the one hand we can see a lot of positives. At the moment we are not sure how the response rate will effect pages, what if someone comments on a post and it doesn’t really need a reply so you “like” it, does that mean you response rate goes down? We’ll be keeping an eye on it. Let us know what you think of the changes below or come and start a discussion on our Facebook page, we’ll be watching to maintain our response rate!



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