Let’s Have a Blab

Have you heard of Blab yet? There’s certainly a lot of talk about it at the moment, and we’re quite excited about it.

If you have no idea what Blab is, it’s the latest live streaming video app, a bit like Meerkat and Periscope, only blab is for groups. There’s no doubt that live streaming video apps are the hot place to be at the moment and now you’ve got three to choose from, so what makes Blab so special.

Well, it’s the only one designed for group live streams. Periscope is more about broadcasting your world, and Meerkat you can invite someone to take over your stream but only for 60 seconds. With Blab you can have up to four people in the stream at any one time, people watching can also comment as the stream is being broadcast, it creates more of a chat room vibe. We’ve spent quite a bit of time browsing streams to see what’s going on, they are strangely compelling so don’t get lost in there!


How Does Blab Work?

One of the reasons Blab is gaining fast popularity is that it is so easy to use. If you want to just go and lerk, and see what people are streaming, go to blab.im. If you want to run a Blab yourself you can download the app or use the desktop app. You’ll be asked to log in with Twitter and your Blab profile will pull in the same details from your profile there.

If you want to join a Blab you just send the creator a notification and they can chose to accept it or deny It. If they accept it you become one of the faces in the four squares! You can choose to record these Blabs, or just let them disappear once you’re done.

Blab also has a feature called “feel”, which is a like, basically. The more feels someone has, the more popular they are. But, you don’t keep those feels, they leave you when you start a new Blab. As well as feels, people who are watching, and signed in, can also comment on the stream.

You can mute people in a Blab. So, if one person is just irritating you, just mute them! Or maybe you’re watching an interview and you only want to hear the response to the question.

And, because Blab is so well linked with Twitter it’s very easy to share your Blabs with the world, to help people discover you.


How Can You Use Blab?

Well, now this one is kind of up to you and your creativity with the platform, but we can see some uses straight away. The nature of Blab, and the group stream, makes this the perfect platform for online conferences. If you’ve got a subject you want to discuss, and a few contributors, then Blab is great for you.

Teachers or lecturers could also do online classes, or bring in guest speakers who might not be able to attend personally.

It’s a great platform for online interviews, you could live stream it, record it and then add it to your blog or website for people to catch up on later.

You could run a debate, because of Blab’s feels and comments you could easily judge who the winner is.

The possibilities go on… Are you using Blab? How have you used it or what possible uses to you see? Comment below or tell us on Facebook and twitter


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