Our Favourite Blogs in August

August was a great month for Singapore with a whole host of marvellous SG50 celebrations. We do hope that you got to enjoy as much as possible. We enjoyed looking back at Singapore’s history and enjoying our unique set of cultures, and we’re looking forward to the next 50 years.

The thing we love the most about Singapore is you lot. The people who make up this wonderful country, we’re hard working, creative, lovers of food, independent and proud of who we are. We’re also lucky that we have a great team of bloggers who are going out and finding all the best stuff to share with everyone. That could be an opinion, a restaurant review, theatre review, recipe, book review, you name it, you lot are blogging about it.

Here are our favourite blogs from August, if you think we’ve missed any please comment below or come and tell us on Facebook or Twitter.

Frugal Singapore 


What type of blog is it? It’s all about frugal living, so kind of lifestyle, but on the cheap

Why do we like it? Singapore has always been a very expensive place to live and it was recently noted as still the most expensive city to live in. Great. It’s not all bad though, there’s still plenty you can do to have a more frugal lifestyle, and this blog should be a go to place for great advice.

What do they do well? The blog posts are really informative and helpful. She does a great frugal week planner series, great for the reader and as a blog owner it’s good to have content like this that people keep coming back for.

Check out her latest frugal week planner here 

Rascal Dads 


What type of blog is it? It’s a parenting blog by two dads. It’s also Singapore’s only bilingual parenting blog!

Why do we like it? Because it’s very funny and charming. Even if you’re not a parent you’ll enjoy reading this. If you are, there are some good reviews and general pieces of advice or more examples of their parenting situations.

What do they do well? The strongest thing about this blog is the lovely writing style. Read this blog where one of the dads takes his kid to a dinosaur park…

The Popping Post 


What type of blog is it? It’s a movie blog

Why do we like it? You know, you don’t come across that many good movie blogs. You have some blogs that review movies, or blogs that are just really hard on everything. This blog is neither. It’s totally dedicated to films and an honest review.

What do they do well? The blogs are pretty light hearted, which we enjoy, but they also give really great reviews.

If you haven’t see inside out yet, read the review here to decide if it’s for you

Kat Eyes


What type of blog is it? A lifestyle

Why do we like it? Good reviews but also the images. This lady knows how to work a camera.

What do they do well? The blog looks lovely, this girl obviously has an eye for design, so it’s pleasing to read and look at.

Warning, reading her latest blog post will make you hungry! Don’t do it on an empty stomach

That’s it for August. Want to recommend a blog to us? Comment below or let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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