Social Media Round Up – July and August

This post is a bit of a double whammy of social media news! With all the excitement of SG50 our social media news round up got left behind. We were still keeping on track of all the latest developments for you though, so here’s a roundup of August and July. Let’s start with August first….

Instagram Now Supports Landscape Images and Videos


Amazing! How many times have you had a great photo or video, that you’d love to post to Instagram, but you can’t because it’s landscape. Well, this won’t be an issue any more. Square has always been Insta’s thing but we think this is a great move and means the platform will get even more use. For marketers it means you don’t have to worry about resizing so many images. Saying that, the new canva for work has a magic resize tool which is great for saving time. We wrote a review on canva for work, you can read it here. We haven’t tried out the new format yet, blog post coming up we think!

Facebook Starts Testing a New Personal Digital Assistant for Messenger


The future is here, almost. Not sure if this is exciting or scary, we’ve watched too many movies where the machines take over ruling the world! The new service is called M, it works with artificial intelligence, and can buy items, get gifts delivered to people, book restaurants, travel arrangements, appointments and more. They say it is “powered by artificial intelligence that’s trained and supervised by people” that’s how it always starts! What happens when we lose control! What happens!!!!

Blab get’s people talking


Blab is the latest video chat/ live video streaming app like Periscope and Meerkat, but this one has really got marketers talking. Why? Well, it’s still quite new but the ease of use seems to be very favourable. Also, you can have up to four people talking at once, while people watch and comment. This is great for online conferences and streams. One to keep an eye on. Further down this post you’ll see a new addition to Meerkat, that doesn’t seem quite so impressive now….

Now for what’s been happening in social media in July

Secret Videos for Publishers on Facebook 


Facebook has just announced an update that is making Facebook videos more user friendly for video publishers. One update includes the ability to make your videos secret so that they are only accessible via a direct URL. These videos are not searchable on Facebook and do not show up in your timeline. YouTube already offers abilities like this and Facebook is kind of playing catch up but does seem they are trying to make their video offering stronger.

360 Degree Videos from YouTube 

This is pretty cool, YouTube have just announced 360 degree video ads that let you…. “360 degree video ads let you engage your audience in an entirely new way. Available today in Chrome and the YouTube app on Android and iOS, viewers can explore every angle of your videos by dragging their mouse or moving their phone to shift their POV 360 degrees – up, down, left or right. Thanks to the ability simply to move your phone to see different parts of the video, 360 video ads are a truly mobile-first video ad product.

Let’s wait and see what clever advertisers do with them.

Meerkat Camero allows others to take over your stream 


This is also a very cool announcement. What you can do now is invite people to take over your stream for 60 seconds at a time. Imagine if you’re running a conference and streaming through Meerkat you’d be able to allow people to ask questions or have guest speakers to a short talk. This could have some great applications. Like we said, not quite as great now Blab is on the scene, however both can be used in different ways.

Pinterest Releases Buyable Pins. 


This is a great feature from Pinterest that is now being rolled out. It’s designed to help people who are selling online, so if a pin has a blue pin on it, it means that you can buy it. This means that you’ll be able to search through Pinterest and filter pins by any that are buyable. Well done Pinterest.

A good month for social media with lots of great releases! Have we missed any that you think are key? Let us know if the comments below or come and find us on Facebook or Twitter.

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