Canva for Work – is it Worth it?

Canva came onto the scene about a year ago now and it’s taking the world by storm! Not sure what Canva is? It’s an online design tool which was created to keep design simple. So, it’s like Photoshop but for people with no design experience, or no access to design software. They have loads of templates for you to use with lots of handy size dimensions like; Facebook cover images, twitter headers, Instagram posts, in fact all social sizes you can imagine, posters, flyers, the list goes on. You can also create custom dimensions, very handy.


It’s a drag and drop affair, so if you want to add text you just go to the text section and drop what you want on the canvas and edit as you need. They have some pre-loaded shapes, lines, illustrations, etc. and you can also upload your own images or search their database of images. Canva is free but if you use an image, or design with a cost, it’s normally a very small fee and you have 24 hours to edit your design. Let’s just repeat that, Canva is free to use. Thanks team! If you really don’t want to pay for images you can use a service like Pixabay which is a great free resource of images, they might not always be the best but you can normally find what you need. We wrote a post on where you can find resources for free images, go read it here.

So, there’s basic Canva for you, and now they have created a version for business, which has a cost of service attached to it, and the question we’re asking is “is it worth it?” Before we properly start this review we are going to say “we love Canva”, it’s an absolute wonder tool for smaller agencies, freelancers, bloggers or anyone who needs some design work done but can’t afford a designer. We’re also going to say that “we love designers” and nothing will take away from their creativity and experience, and you get what you pay for! But, Canva is a great tool when you need to knock up a quick social image, or something for your blog. You can also create quite fancy designs if you’ve got the eye for that sort of thing, but that’s normally when we bring in the professionals.

Let’s start by talking about some of the extra features you get with Canva for work….

Brand Kit

This feature allows you to save your brand colours, fonts and logos. Great if you’re working in a team and you want everything to be consistent. Even if you’re running a small blog, for example, it’s good to have consistent branding so people recognise you’re work and start to connect with you.



Templates allow you to set templates, um guess that’s kind of obvious. So, you could set one for presentations, posters, flyers etc. Like the branding kit this is great for consistency but will also save you time.


Image folders

This allows you to get a bit more organised. At the moment when you upload stuff to Canva, or create an image, it just puts it in the order you created it, this is next level organisation as you will often find you want to go back to old designs or images.


Magic Resize

All hail the magic resize, you are a god to us. We are not even exaggerating, this feature is amazing. We’ll set the scene, you create an image for Facebook and it looks great, now you’ve got to redo it for Twitter and Instagram, boring. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a tool that would magically resize them for you? Well, now you do. Obviously not all images work in all sizes but we’ve tried it out on a few and it nails it most times.



Yep, now you can have a team on Canva for work. Admins can add people and set permissions. Layout designers set your layouts, so templates and what not. Team members are anyone who will be using Canva to create graphics. The great thing about this is that you can set permissions so you can review work as you go within Canva.

And how does this all work? Very well. Canva is incredibly intuitive, yeah sure a few glitches here and there but we find you just need to refresh and let it calm down a bit. Canva also has a very nice social team to help you out. Plus, they have a design school to help you create the best designs, spend some time there if this is all new to you.

And the cost? It’s just over $12 USD per month and works out at just over $9 a month if you pay for the year in one go. So, here is the million dollar question…Is it worth it. We’re saying yes! If you’re doing more design work and you need to save precious time, or you have a team and you want consistency. Maybe start with the free version and see how you go? Canva for work also has a free trial and you’ll probably be sold after trying it.

Are you using Canva or Canva for work? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below or come and find us on Facebook or Twitter.


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