Social Media Round Up – Feb Edition  

OK, we are ever so slightly late with this one, but we’re blaming lethargy from overindulgence during the festive season!  A lot happened in the world of social media last month, so we think it’s worth a mention. Here’s a run-down of our top social activities and announcements….

  1.       The Dress

the dress

Oh my goodness, if you didn’t hear about the dress where on earth were you? It all started fairly innocently enough. A couple are getting married and the mother of the bride sends an image of what she plans to wear to said couple. The couple disagree, is it blue and black or white and gold. They post to Facebook, then their wedding band gets involved and post it to tumblr. The internet explodes into a heated debate over colour of dress, friendships crumble, marriages divorce, it’s awful. The dress is blue and black people (I saw it as white and gold) it’s something to do with some lighting issues, the way we process colours and the fact that loads of us, especially men, are colour blind. What’s most interesting about this, to us, is the debate it sparked and the arguments that were created on social. Most of it was in great jest, just imagine if you could harness something like this?

  1.       Facebook Roll Out Relevance Scores relevance

If you run Facebook ads, then this is going to be of interest to you. If you don’t, have a think about if maybe you should. With Facebook now making it harder for pages content to be seen, paid ads can be a great way to get your message out there. Plus, now you have a rather handy relevance score. What this does is tell you how relevant an ad is to the audience you are targeting. It does this by looking at positive and negative cues. For example, positive: someone liking your ad, negative: someone hiding your ads. It works in real time so you can see if the relevance starts to change, maybe it’s time to create some new ad artwork?

Why do you care? A higher relevance score may result in your ad being shown more and at lower prices. So, keep your ad message clear, have strong call to actions and create tightly targeted audiences.

  1.       Google Analytics Launches Instant Activation for Remarketting


Remarketing is great, if you don’t know what this is it allows you to re-target people who have visited your site with relevant marketing material.

For example, someone goes to an online retailer to research buying a kettle. They leave without buying as they’re going to have a look for more kettles. But, that kettle they just saw is a great deal. With remarketing the owner selling the kettle can show their message to that potential buyer again across sites that run adwords ads.

It’s not a complicated idea, but the process of setting it up can be. You’ve got to go and get behind the scenes of your website and add snippets of code and if you’re not a developer, this can be quite hard. With this latest development from Analytics it sets up all the tags for you. Go start remarketing now!

  1.       Tweets will appear in google search results in real time 

twitterWhat does this mean exactly? Well, if your Twitter profile is public it means your tweet could appear in Google search results straight away. Why does anyone care? Well, imagine you’re a blogger and you post a tweet linking people to your latest blog post about “places to eat in Singapore” and you use those keywords and then someone searches for that phrase. Your tweet could appear in their search results, whereas your freshly posted blog wouldn’t have even been seen by the search engines yet. There’s big potential in this one, we should be seeing this happen this year!

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