• Social Media Predictions for 2015

    We’re now into the third week of February, we’ve finally gotten over Christmas, the New Year and it’s time to start thinking about what’s going to happen this year. At adMingle it’s our business to stay on top of developments in social media so that our services are better for our publishers and advertisers, but we also want you to know what’s going on, you are busy people, you haven’t got time to trawl through the web trying to find out what’s happening so just leave it to us.

    With that in mind, here are our predictions for what might happen in social media this year so we can all try and stay on top of the game, until the games changes of course, this is social media, what else did we expect….

    Content still rules

    Content marketing isn’t a buzz word anymore, it’s an essential part of any marketing strategy and hooray to that! The only trouble is, we’re all getting a little bit too good at it! There’s so much content out there now that we don’t know what to do with ourselves, we’re tripping over great articles, killer infographics, gripping videos and more. Social Media and content marketing are best mates and, when done properly, they work together, feeding off each other and making each other stronger, so what happens with content affects what happens on social. Content marketing is now so saturated our prediction is….

    We’re all going to pay for it


    There seems to have been some sort of shift in paying for social media advertising, it’s no longer such a dirty secret that we’re all trying to hide. When I first started working in social media I wouldn’t have touched paid advertising, and that’s not because I’m snobby about it, I come from an SEO and paid media background it’s just I wanted social to be totally organic. I wanted to cultivate natural connections, I wanted people to read my content or become a fan because they wanted to and not on a flippant whim because they had seen an ad. However, things are hard out there now! I still want to cultivate natural interactions, but the trouble is in getting our message in front of the right people at the right time.

    Facebook’s new rules are going to make it incredibly difficult for businesses to promote themselves on their pages, you may already have noticed that your reach has dropped considerably, and the best way to get around it is going to be boosting your posts and running paid ads.

    Likewise, Twitter is so saturated now that your message is lost in a sea of kittens and links to Buzzfeed. The advantage of Twitter is that you don’t have pesky algorithms to worry about so you can be more frequent with your posts.

    And now we see Instagram and Pinterest jumping in on the paid game, granted they are both treading extremely carefully and instructing their advertisers on how to do it right without annoying the fan base, and that’s a really important point. How do we do it without losing our fans?

    Analyse, review, and improve

    We can’t afford to play guessing games in social media anymore and we shouldn’t have to either. People are so much savvier at this social media lark, brands and consumers alike, that it’s essential that we track what we’re doing and measure our success. People used to say that social media wasn’t accountable, but that’s simply not the case anymore, and if you’re running paid ads, it’s even more important to have a look at the results you’re achieving. The most important thing to think about when analysing campaigns is to know where you started and what your goals are, if your goal is just to get x number of people to read your blog then that’s what you need to look at. If, however, you actually want those people to sign up to a service or buy a product then you need to know that from the start and build your campaign around it. We should never do something just because, social media isn’t on the sidelines anymore, which is why we’ll see….

    Better Integrated Campaigns


    There are a few big brands leading the way when it comes to integrated campaigns and yes, these brands have huge budgets and massive teams, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t all create great integrated campaigns. It just means we’ve got to take marketing back to the beginning; what are we trying to achieve? What’s the end goal? What’s the best way to get there for our audience? And let’s stop any online vs. offline debate, we’re all on the same team guys, let’s play nice and if we do play nice we’ll have this great integrated campaign that we can push out to our audience and they’ll love it and we’ll know they love it because we’re using…

    Social Media Monitoring

    There are so many great tools now offering social media monitoring services and tracking sentiment. The idea of monitoring chatter and hype isn’t new at all and anyone in PR will be like “pah, this is so old” but in 2015 we think people will start taking advantage of social media monitoring tools more and they’ll start interacting with their audience in new ways. The beauty here is that you can stay on top of what your audience likes and dislikes, what they’re talking about, what your competitors are doing and you can be one step ahead with your strategy. Social media marketers will be able to start up better conversations with their audience and they’ll be able to find better brand advocates and influencers to help with their efforts, which leads nicely onto the final prediction for 2015…

    Social Media Influencer Marketing is having its Moment

    loud speaker blue

    We’ve already spoken about how hard it’s going to be promoting your brand on social media in 2015. There’s too much great content, too many brands using social media well and users are fed up being sold to. And there are no surprises really. People don’t use social media to be sold to. Sure, people connect with brands because they like them, they want to do some research or perhaps they have a customer service issue, but there’s a strong dislike to feeling like you’re only connected so that a company can put an ad in your face.

    Which is why we’ve all got to go a little bit ninja with it. People connect with people on social media, we all have influencers and a lot of the time that influencer is a real person. It’s your mate from Uni, or someone you work with, you may never have met them, but perhaps you just love what they post and share. OK, shameless plug coming up, this is where we step in. adMingle is a social media influencer network and we work by putting the message of advertisers in front of their audience through our publishers. Our publishers are real people with real social accounts and followers. The beauty of how this works is that our publisher’s audience like and trust them so the message isn’t coming from a brand just trying to sell its wares, it’s coming from someone they know (even if that’s just on social media). And it’s a win win situation, advertisers get their message in front of their audience in a way that cultivates true engagement and our publishers get paid every time the message is seen or interacted with, allowing people to make money simply by doing something they’re already doing, sharing on social media. If you’d like to know more about adMingle as a publisher or advertiser you can here.

    One thing that is certain about social media is that nothing is certain. We can make all the predictions we like and it’s probably still going to surprise us, but that’s why we love it so much. We’ll keep trawling all the great content on the web and staying on top of all social media news so we can bring you the best of it, so keep reading this blog and come and find us on Facebook and Twitter. If you have your own social predictions for this year, we’d love to hear them so please comment below.

    Original Article from our colleagues over at adMingle Singpore.