• What is a Millennial – And what does it mean for you

    You may have heard people throwing this term around and wondered “what does it mean?” Maybe you haven’t but this term has become annoyingly popular in marketing circles so we thought we’d write a post explaining, firstly, what it means and secondly, why you should care. Read more

  • 5 ways to make your blog content more shareable

    Content is king, that’s what people keep telling us anyway. It’s great for SEO when it lives on your website, it can be used to demonstrate your authority in certain areas, it allows you to share your thoughts/ideas, and it gives you something awesome to share on social. This all depends on you producing great content, which of course you are!  Read more

  • How to get a job using social media

    Schools out for Summer! Well, it is for any of you who go to NUS anyway! This may be the start of a gorgeous summer holiday, or the start of your career. Read more

  • InnovFest Unbound and the Unilever Up-Scale of the Year Battle

    Last week #InnovFestUnbound came to Singapore, which is “a 2 day innovation festival connecting brands and global corporations with disruptive technology and creative insights to fuel innovation and growth” so naturally we were there! Read more

  • Enlight – In Review

    Have you heard of Enlight yet? It’s the new image editing app on the block and we’ve been having a play around with it, and you know what, we like it! It’s available for your iPhone and Android and an Ipad version is coming soon. It’s also half price at the moment on a special release but you’ll have to be quick to get that! Read more

  • Getting Paid to Blog – Is it OK?

    So, you run a blog and you’ve got yourself quite a nice audience and you’re thinking “could I make some money from this?” The answer is yes, you can, and lots of people do, but what are the guidelines for profiting from your blog without annoying your audience? Read more

  • Our Favourite Blogs in March

    Singapore slowed down and took a moment to reflect in March. With the loss of Mr Lee Kuan Yew we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about him, his legacy and Singapore. Things have been quieter than normal but we’ve still had a look around the blogging scene in Sing and we’ve found some lovely blogs. Here are just five of our favourites in March….  Read more

  • Instagram – The basics

    Instagram is one of the most popular social networks out there and it’s very likely that you have an account already, but if you’re using it for anything but pleasure, are you getting the most out of it? Here are our tops tips for using Instagram to ensure you’re getting all the visual juice from it.

    Read more

  • March’s Social Media Round Up

    March was a sad month for Singapore as we lost our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. This is a time of mourning but it’s also a time to reflect on a great man, and social media has become a platform for this outpouring with many people paying tributes using the hashtag #RIPLKY

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  • How Not to Upset Your Audience – Our Top Ten Tips

    More and more people are coming to social media to solve their issues, report problems or make complaints. If you’re a business, or perhaps you run a blog, you’ve got to be on top of how you handle your customers and audience on social media to make sure you don’t make a small problem a big one. Remember, this is all in the public eye and, even if you feel you’ve done nothing wrong, you need to be seen as the bigger person, nine times out of ten the public is not going to take your side.

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