Our Favourite Blogs in July

Happy 50th Jubilee everyone! We do hope that you’ve all been enjoying the festivities so far and are looking forward to the lovely long weekend we have in front of us. We’re mostly going to be soaking up the atmosphere and basking in Singapore’s glory! We’d love to hear what you’re getting up to, we’ve been looking for Singapore’s best kept secrets. You can tell us them about over at this blog post, or come and find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Back to blogs. What we’ve really come to appreciate over the SG50 celebrations is that we are a diverse and wonderful country, full of people with great opinions, stories and ideas that are rich in cultural history. This month we’ve been reading lots of blogs that love Singapore as much as we do and here are our favs from July.

I eat I shoot I post 


What type of blog is it? It’s a food blog and most of you will probably be fans of it already but this month we’ve been craving Singapore food love, and this is the place to get it.

Why do we like it? It’s very well organised so you can go and just read the latest articles but if you’re looking for something in particular then it’s easy for you to find. Beware though, you may get stuck in a food blog coma!

What do they do well? Everything! Seriously. The writing is great, the images are fantastic and links to social are strong and drive engagement. Even the onsite advertising is non-intrusive

Go check out their latest post about the SG50 Luncheon Meat Murtabak! It’s going to make you hungry and happy

Mr Brown AKA the Blogfather 


What type of blog is it? It’s all about the current affairs, and some family stuff

Why do we like it? Because there’s a lot of current Singapore affairs we’re especially in to it this month. The Blogfather knows what’s happening before most people so it’s a good one to follow for all the latest news.

What do they do well? Really well written with a good sense of humour. He also mixes up his content doing parody songs and skits, which we really enjoy. Check out his latest song, all about SG50

Little Miss Bento


What type of blog is it? Foodie, current and lifestyle

Why do we like it? This lady can turn any food in to a super cute edible food art. See…


What do they do well? This is just a nice blog to read, it’s pretty soft but the images are amazing and the creativity is beyond compare. Food just doesn’t look as good unless it’s miniature food art now. Check out this great post she did on SG50 Bento food art



What type of blog is it? It’s a fashion blog but there’s some travel and lifestyle on their too

Why do we like it? This girl has fierce style and we like looking at it

What do they do well? What you want from a fashion blog is great images and that is what this blog delivers. She recently did a very good piece on travelling to Europe which is very informative if you’re going, take a look at it here

There are literally hundreds of great blogs in Singapore, if we’ve missed any really great ones tell us below or let us know on Facebook and Twitter, and Happy 50th Jubilee.


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