Singapore’s Best Kept Secrets

We’re not going to lie, we love Singapore and everything about her. We love the diverse set of people who live here, the outrageous architecture that makes us the envy of the world, the fact that we are a small island yet we’re one of the biggest powerhouses in the world for business and lastly we love the food, oh we really love the food!

As the whole nation gears up to our 50th Jubilee we’ve started to delve deeper into what makes Singapore, and Singaporeans so unique. Where are those hidden gems that no other country has, or does quite as well as us? So, what we are asking for are your best Singapore Secrets.

Do you know where the best Hawker stalls are?

Who makes the best roti prata?

Where can you eat the best lesser known foods? Best Lebanese? Best Lamb Chops? Best Mozzarella?

Who’s the most helpful tea lady?

Where can you get the best cup of coffee?

Does Singapore have the best taxi driver?

How do you beat Singapore ques?

Where do you get the best deals?

The list could go on and on and we’d really love to hear your own suggestions too. What we’re really hoping to do is to build a list of the best Singapore Secrets to show that Singapore spirit, could you be the first person to introduce the nation to something marvellous? Comment below with your suggestions or come and find us on Twitter or Facebook and us #SingaporeSecrets

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