Competitive Social Media Analysis for Facebook

Sometimes coming up with your social media strategy for Facebook can be hard, especially as their algorithms make it pretty difficult for your content to be seen in people’s news feed. Everything should start with your business goals and what you want to achieve but coming up with some good ideas to get there can be tricky. One thing you can try is to take a look at what your competitors are doing. We are not suggesting that you copy them, but it’s good to see how their audience responds to what they’re doing as you’re going after the same audience. It’s also good to keep on top of their activity so you can respond to their campaigns, your audience and so that you have an understanding of how you compete with them in terms of market share.

Facebook has a feature that allows you to track your competitors within your insights. It’s called pages to watch and it gives you a snapshot of their performance and how you compare with them. Facebook will suggest some pages for you to add but you can also choose them. Facebook does send a notification to the person you’re following but it won’t tell them who it is.


This feature is great to give you a quick idea of what your competitors are up to but we would also ask these questions…

How many likes do they have? And how does that compare to your own likes? If they have more than you what can you do to win some more?

What are they posting about? And how does their audience respond? Can you use any of the tactics they have put it place?

Are their posts mainly linking to company news, external sites, text updates or images, etc? And again, how are their audience reacting to it? This way you can see how much self-promotion you can talk about before your audience turns off.

What’s their brand voice? Is yours distinctive enough from theirs?

How often do they post? Most Facebook pages find once a day is about right, but is this right in your industry?

How many likes, shares and comments do they get on their posts? How do you compare? Could you be getting more interaction?

Do they run any polls, competitions or fun games with their brands? Should you be more inventive with the type of content you post?

One thing to remember about Facebook is that company pages can boost their posts and if you’re not then their results may be greatly increased to yours. But, this is another good reason to check out your competitors as maybe you need to start boosting your own posts to get the results that you want.

Looking at an example, Miss Tam Chiak is a popular food blogger in Singapore and she has an active Facebook page. If we were running competitive analysis against her we would see that she has 15k likes, which is pretty impressive for a blogger.


We’d also see that she posts at least twice a day, sometimes more, but that her interaction is strong. It doesn’t look like she boosts posts but we’d have to test our own content against hers. She posts a lot of her own images updating people where she is and what she’s eating. She also posts to external sites as well as her own blog.


If we were coming to a conclusion from this, and we were food bloggers too, we’d up how much we post to Facebook with lots of great images of food we are eating or cooking. We’d also post to articles that make sense for our blog, like articles talking about new restaurants in Singapore, for example. Make sure you look at more than one competitor before you come to any big conclusions!

What do you think of our competitor analysis for Facebook? Do you have your own tips and tricks that you’d like to share? Just comment below if you do.



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