Social Media Round Up June

Where is this year going? We can’t believe June has been and gone already. For adMingle we’ve had some exciting developments here in Singapore. Since our recent launch we’ve run several exciting campaigns including worldwide brands like PayPal and some more local businesses such as Passport Asia. If you haven’t signed up to adMingle yet, you can here, and start earning money for simply sharing on social media.

Here’s some other news that’s been going on in the wonderful world of social media….

Snapchat launches Native video ads


Do you use Snapchat? If you’re between 13-34 then you may well do, as you’re the biggest audience on this channel, and if you’re trying to target that audience then this announcement may be of interest to you.

Snapchat’s new native video ad product called 3V: Vertical, Video, Views is “built from the ground up for mobile, just like everything else on Snapchat.”

There is some limited targeting that you can use to hit your demographic, it will be interesting to see how people use this over the coming months.

Instagram’s new and improved Search and Explore 


Instagram is driven a lot by hashtags. It’s the one platform that uses them really well to allow its users to search and explore new content. If you are using Instagram to push yourself and your brand you want to keep an eye on what’s trending on Instagram and get in on the action. These new features will help you do that and will also help people find your content.

You don’t need a Facebook account to use messenger anymore 

Now all you need is a phone number, so it’s basically whatsapp. Fight!

Facebook implements author tags 


The word from Facebook is “Journalists use Facebook to share news as it happens and provide analysis to deepen the reader’s connection with their work. By implementing the Author Tag on their websites, publishers can make it easy for Facebook readers to start following the author of an article they just read and enjoyed. This is a web development tool that connects the byline in a story preview in the News Feed to the writer’s Page or Profile with Follow.”

This is also useful for bloggers, especially if you are part of a blogging team.

Facebook introduces moments

This is a way for you to share photos with your friends privately. So, if you go to a wedding all the guests could add their photos of the day to moments and share them amongst each other. Gone are the days of taking the same photo on multiple phones. Sounds like a cool app, and there may be implications for people who run events too.

Twitter is making it easier to follow conversations 

People come to twitter to take part in conversations and sometimes they can be hard to follow, especially with sub conversations. Twitter have made some recent changes which should make it easier to keep up, even highlighting particularly good exchanges.

Have we missed some juicy social media gossip? If we have come and find us on Facebook or Twitter or comment below.



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