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Our hearts went out to Nepal in May who were not only struck by one devastating earthquake, but three. This would be a desperate situation for any country but with Nepal’s relative lack of disaster recovery plan, terrain and remote living it’s taken the support of many charity groups and nations to lend a hand and start to help rebuild this beautiful country. Social media is a powerful tool and can be used in a positive and negative light, in this instance many positives have been seen to help aid Nepal…

How social media is helping Nepal

As soon as the first Earthquake hit Nepal the internet was full of safety reports and concerns. Facebook also launched its Safety Check feature which allows people who are near a natural disaster to let friends and family know they are safe. Obviously there is a big plus to this feature, if you’re backpacking around the world you might not actually know you’re near to a natural disaster in which case Facebook alerts you and lets you tell people you are safe. However, if you are in the natural disaster, or just somewhere with no internet connection this could just cause panic amongst people who can’t see that you’ve said you’re safe. Jury is out on this one, maybe see how people react to it.

After the initial disaster social started to flood with request for help, with people using platforms to say where people were trapped, what they needed and how people could help. A team was set up called The Rapid Response team who started to field these requests. They also made an app so people could receive text updates about the situation in Nepal.

Another group called Kathmandu Living Labs went into disaster mode and coordinated a team of volunteers to collect Facebook posts and Tweets into one organised quake map. This was then shared with a clutch of relief groups and the Nepal Army.


As well as this many charities and groups have taken to social to ask people to help by donating money so they can support people who really need their help. It may seem like a small drop in the ocean but everything helps and it’s great to see people putting social media to good use.

Twitter unveils Audience Insights

A new feature from Twitter that allows you to see insights about your audience and who engages with your organic content. You can also identify new audiences for upcoming campaigns. This is a massive win for people using Twitter to sell a product or service. It’s only available in the US at the moment, boo, we’ll keep an eye on it and do a post when it’s live for us. Read more about it here 

Facebook adds critic reviews to restaurant pages

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You’ve been able to add a review to a Facebook page for a while now but this is designed just for restaurants. So, now when you’re searching for a restaurant on Facebook critic reviews from your friends will pop up with them. Again, this is just being tested in the US but the implication could be a positive one. For people who own restaurants they’ll want to cultivate good reviews and think of ways to encourage people to write them. If you’re a blogger who reviews restaurants you may want to think about this feature and also leave reviews on places you’ve blogged about. You probably won’t be able to link to you blog but it will get you seen and noticed by the restaurant. Read more about it here 

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